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Each ministry of the MSC creates programming with the delegates of the Mountain States Council in mind. Below, find the Mission and Purpose of each auxiliary and a brief bio of its leader. 

Minister's wives & widows


The Mountain States Council Ministers Wives & Widows is an organization that focuses on the total care of women in ministry through innovation, spiritual enrichment and personal development. We seek to unite minister’s wives and widows in a bond of sisterhood and Christian fellowship in the Arizona, New Mexico, and east Texas regions. As we design a strong network of support for our sister-leaders, we seek to connect each other for encouragement and inspiration, while cultivating and developing stronger interpersonal relationships.


Moreover, it is our desire to extend ourselves beyond our group to local communities throughout the MSC area, providing resources and support for various non-profit agencies. Notwithstanding, our aim is to foster a more effective communication network as we are energized, encouraged, and evolve through a wholistic ministries approach.

Dr. Phyllis Frazier Rodges, a woman of classic distinction and un-paralleled passion, she is the wife of Pastor James G. Rodges, the first lady of Jonesville Baptist Church and the mother of four children (Jordan, James II, Joshua and Johanna).

Notwithstanding, her business acumen has made her a blessing to the body of Christ. During her tenure at JBC she has been instrumental in property acquisitions, Project Manager for three multimillion-dollar construction projects and administrates an office staff and countless volunteers. Driven by a desire to enlighten, enhance and empower women, she founded Women of Destiny, a ministry that deals with the holistic development of women; she hosts seminars and workshops for women empowerment. 

Mrs. Rodges is also, founder and Executive Director of The Transformation Project, an independent, non-profit corporation, committed to helping all people, from all walks of life, as well as founder with her husband of M.J. Rodges Academy, a day school tailored for excellence in education.  She holds a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership with a concentration in Consulting, as well as a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Leadership from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. 


Dr. Rodges is a woman of wisdom and grace, committed to the work of the kingdom.

Christian Education AssocIATION (cea)


The mission and purpose of the Christian Education Association of the Mountain States Council is to...



Women's Ministry Association (wma)


The mission and purpose of the Women's Ministry Association of the Mountain States Council is to...

After hearing the word of God preached on Acts 2:38, then Sister Melinda, was compelled to be baptized in the name Jesus in the year of 1980. After which she received the gift of the Holy Ghost on January 2nd 1981. She was ordained a Deaconess in 1982 and became a Licensed Minster in 1984. She has held the offices of Church Secretary, member of the executive Board, and the president over both Youth and Women’s Ministries and most recently accepted the appointment of leader of the Women's Ministry Association of the Mountain States Council, PAW in 2022.


Evangelist Jordan is co-pastor alongside her husband, Elder Rob Jordan, of Shadow of the Cross Apostolic Ministries in Buckeye, Arizona. 

Men's Ministry Association (mma)


The mission and purpose of the Men's Ministry Association of the Mountain States Council is to Reconnect, Rebuild, Repurpose, and be the glue that connects a community of brothers together though Trust, Time, Respect, Belief, and Honesty toward one another toward the goal of building better relationships across the MSC and increasing in-person visibility that we might know those that labor among us. ​

Elder Jerry L. Thompson Jr. is a native of South Los Angeles, California, now gracing the beautiful state of Arizona. His profound encounter with Christ at the age of 30 has ignited an unquenchable fire within him and an unwavering vision for our church community. He passionately advocates that we actively engage with our surrounding community, fearlessly proclaiming the Word of God and exemplifying compassionate leadership through service.

Beyond his divine calling, Elder Thompson showcases his multifaceted talents under his artist persona, "Kajmir Kwest," which beautifully translates to "Lamb's Journey." Elder Thompson is the author of his first "literary masterpiece" in 2021 entitled "The Signature – I'm Not A Mistake". This empowering book instills in the hearts of God's people the incredible potential for glorifying Him through the trials they encounter, assuring them of His (God's) unwavering power. 


Elder Thompson proudly holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Pastoral Leadership and a Master’s in African American Church History and Divinity from Newburgh Seminary College of the Bible. Ever committed to personal growth, the pursuit of knowledge, spiritual wisdom, and understanding his personal relationship with God, he is currently pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Divinity. Secularly, he has 15 years experience in corporate leadership, including call center operations and program management.

He is has been married to Sarah Elizabeth Thompson for over 11 years. She labors along side him in ministry.

Pentecostal Young people's union (PYPU)


The mission and purpose of the Mountain States Council Pentecostal Young People's Union is to...



msc usher board ministry (UB)


This mission of the Mountain States Council Usher Board is to...



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